3 Easy Condo Upgrades When Selling

3 Easy Condo Upgrades When SellingFor every day your condo is for sale, you are losing money. Buyers have a lot of options when searching for a place to live, so it is important to grab their attention sooner rather than later. Draw in as many people as possible with a few easy and inexpensive updates you can do in a weekend. Here are three ideas to attract buyers and sell your condo faster.

1. Update Lighting

Outdated light fixtures are more than an eyesore; they make the place look run down. Every time a potential buyer looks at your condo, they will be reminded of a bygone era. A small investment now can make a big difference later. Go with a timeless look, think about the other fixtures in the condo. Whether they are silver or bronze, you want to stick with the same finish throughout. Don’t forget ceiling fans, they should also match. Sometimes existing fixtures just need to be refinished. If this is the case, a couple of cans of spray paint will do the trick.

2. Embellish Windows

Frame windows with molding to make them pop. Crown molding can make windows look bigger and create interesting architectural detail. Add blinds to give your potential buyers privacy. Doing this will also save them money and be one less thing they need to worry about on move in day. Dressed-up windows will also look nicer in photos used on rental listings and draw in more interested people.

3. Fresh Paint

Paint the condo to freshen up the space. New paint will give the condo a clean, uniform look. When a condo listing states “fresh paint,” it seems like a perk to potential buyers. Think about going with a light neutral. You want the wall color to appeal to the masses and all their furniture. An off-white or taupe is an excellent option and will make the place feel bigger than a darker color. Paint moldings a bright, clean white to create contrast and make a memorable impression.

These changes are cost effective and fast. In just a couple days you can increase the amount of interest your condo receives. You will have more opportunity to choose the best fit for your rental and improve the properties visual appeal.

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