3 Easy Tips to Increase Your Home’s Value

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3 Easy Tips to Increase Your Home's Value

When preparing your house for sale, be sure to spend a little extra time outside!

Inexpensive Landscaping Improvements

Since appraisers generally use a basic formula, it might not always be wise to invest a bunch of money into your yard. The payoff just might not be there. Inexpensive ways to improve the quality of your yard are absolutely worth the time though. Be sure to keep the lawn trimmed evenly. Weed any flower beds and invest just a little money into mulch. These are noticeable improvements homeowners sometimes overlook. Still, when evaluators and homebuyers look at a yard, small things can make a difference. Formula or not, if an evaluator or purchaser sees a yard that has been poorly-maintained, they assume that the sellers have been negligent to the entire property. Appraisers tend to valuate these properties on the lower side, suspecting that there could be more issues that are unseen. Buyers tend to fall in love with homes that are well maintained in these ways.

Touch Up Minor Flaws and Details, Clean Around the Front Entrance

Make sure that debris is swept from the entrance before any appraisal or showing. If you notice scratched paint, touch it up. A fresh coat can make all the difference. Double check for handprints, mud from back splashing or marks from pets. Correcting these issues can ensure that everyone feels a little more at home as they walk through your front door. Be sure to clean the outside of windows, because these are often overlooked by homeowners.

Check All External Lights, Faucets and Electric Outlets

Make sure that all external lights are functioning properly. If someone views the house in the evening, they may want to see an area that you have under-utilized. That exterior light might not have been important to you, but skeptical homebuyers may wonder why it doesn’t work.  Turn on all faucets to make sure that they work and that they do not leak. Test all electric outlets. Perhaps a minor repair is in order, but a breaker might just be flipped too. It would be unfortunate if a flipped breaker led a homebuyer or an appraiser to become extra skeptical of your home.

Our staff is very knowledgable about the types of improvements that are worth the effort. We will take the extra time to help you make sure your property is sold at its highest potential price.

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