3 Tips for Improving Kids’ Rooms Before You Sell Your Home

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3 Tips for Staging Kids' Bedrooms to Sell Your Home

Check out these three tips for staging kids’ bedrooms – you may be able to use them to sell your home faster (and for more money).

When you’re selling your home in Tampa Bay, your real estate agent will most likely talk to you about staging. Staging is the act of making your home as appealing as you can for prospective buyers. If you’re a parent selling a home, staging can make your home appeal to a wide audience –  including people who have kids, people who don’t have kids, people who want kids, and people who have never even considered having kids. To do that, you need to check out these three tips for improving kids’ rooms before you sell your home.

3 Tips for Improving Kids’ Rooms Before You Sell Your Home

  1. Go color-neutral
  2. Add more storage
  3. Put in plants

Tip #1 for Improving Kids’ Rooms to Sell Your Home: Go Color-Neutral

Keeping colors neutral when you sell your home is essential, even in kids’ rooms. You want prospective buyers to be able to envision themselves living in your space, so you want to give them a blank palette that encourages their imaginations. Off white and cream colored paint are always a win, though you can generally get away with pastels. Your real estate agent will most likely caution you against using bold colors, so if your children’s rooms are already painted that way, you may want to go over them with a fresh coat in a more neutral color.

That doesn’t mean that all the decorative accents need to be neutral, though. Buyers know that your belongings are going with you when you move, so having vibrant colors by way of accessories is totally fine.

Tip #2 for Improving Kids’ Rooms to Sell Your Home: Add More Storage

When you sell a home, you’re not just selling 4 walls and a roof. You’re also selling a lifestyle, and the lifestyle that buyers want is one that’s easy to live. That means adding storage to your children’s rooms. You want it to appear that their rooms are easy to keep neat and tidy (even if they really aren’t in your day to day life). A great way to do that is to add colorful and fun storage solutions, such as toy bins, baskets and storage ottomans. If you can find decorative elements that pull double duty, such as hanging bookshelves, go for it!

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Tip #3 for Improving Kids’ Rooms to Sell Your Home: Put in Plants

People rarely put plants in their children’s rooms, but plants are well known for encouraging buyers to fall in love with homes. Find some kid friendly plants and place them in strategic locations in your children’s rooms, such as on top of dressers or on bathroom counters. Try to pick plants that are tough to kill, thrive with very little water and light, and look great even if your care is subpar. That way, you’re not adding something to your To-Do list by adding plants to your children’s rooms.

Bonus Tip: Add twinkle lights to your kids’ rooms. They make the space feel more whimsical and put-together.

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