3 Ways to Make Your Small Bathroom More Appealing to Buyers

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3 Ways to Make Your Small Bathroom More Appealing to Buyers

If you’re looking to sell your home in Tampa Bay, one of the most important rooms to focus on is the bathroom. And if you have a small bathroom, it’s especially important to make it as appealing as possible to potential buyers. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to make your bathroom seem more spacious and luxurious. Here are three tips for making your small bathroom more appealing to buyers.

3 Ways to Make Your Small Bathroom More Appealing to Buyers

Check out these three ways you can make your small bathroom more appealing to prospective buyers:

  1. Invest in new lighting
  2. Add luxury touches
  3. Build in storage

Here’s a closer look at each.

Small Bathroom Tip #1: Invest in New Lighting

Investing in new lighting is a great way to make your small bathroom more appealing. Consider adding a skylight or installing new, more flattering light fixtures. You could also add a dimmer switch, which can create a more relaxing ambiance in the bathroom.

Remember, though: Don’t make any major investments before you talk to your real estate agent. You don’t want to spend more than you need to – that cuts into your profits.

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Small Bathroom Tip #2: Add Luxury Touches

You can make your small bathroom feel more luxurious by adding some special touches. For example, consider installing a rain showerhead or a bidet. Or, if you have the space, add a small soaking tub. These kinds of features will definitely make your bathroom stand out to potential buyers.

Another way to add luxury is to use higher-end materials. For example, if you’re planning to replace the countertops, choose marble or granite instead of laminate.

Small Bathroom Tip #3: Build in Storage

If your small bathroom lacks storage space, consider building some in. You could add a medicine cabinet with mirrored doors, for example. Alternatively, you could install shelves above the toilet or in any other unused space. If you’re handy, you could even build a small cabinet to fit in an empty corner. Again, though, you should talk to your real estate agent before committing to a big investment; you may not need to spend the money.

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    What About Decorating a Small Bathroom to Make it More Appealing?

    Here are a few tips for decorating a small bathroom to boost its style:

    1. Clear the counters completely. Never leave anything on the counter that interrupts visual lines; buyers will already have noticed that the space is cozy, so even something little can make it appear cluttered.
    2. Consider mirrors as decor. Mirrors reflect light and make a room appear more spacious. Plus, they can add interest to an otherwise blank wall.
    3. Use bright, bold colors. Small bathrooms can feel cramped, so it’s best to use colors that make the space seem bigger. Light blues and greens are good choices; avoid dark colors like browns and blacks.
    4. Use glass or clear plastic containers. This will make the space seem more open, as opposed to using opaque containers that take up visual space.

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