5 Delicious, Low Carb Alternatives to Junk Food

5 Delicious Low Carb Alternatives to Junk FoodIf you want healthy alternatives to junk food, then this article will help you. You can actually enjoy delicious food that is great for you, without the extra carbs, fat, and calories. Here are five recipes to whip up whenever you feel a craving coming on:

1. Mediterranean Dream

This recipe is a delicious duo of natural hummus and roasted veggies. First, take a can of chickpeas (garbanzo beans) and pour them into a bowl. Then add in chopped garlic, red pepper, salt, black pepper, and a tablespoon of olive oil. Mash it all up with a potato masher. Take any veggies of your choice, such as carrots, bell peppers, or cucumbers, and cut them up. Put them on a tray and drizzle them with olive oil. Roast them in the oven to your preference. Take them out and dip them in the hummus for an amazing snack. (Tip: you can always buy this pre-made at the store and avoid any prep at all).

2. Faux Mashed Potatoes

If you’re like most people, you love mashed potatoes. But potatoes are a starchy food, and are loaded with carbs. To get a similar feel and taste without the added pounds to your waist, consider these fake mashed potatoes made from black bean powder. Simply take the powder, add hot water and olive oil, and you have a mushy mixture of delicious complex carbohydrates. Your body will break down the beans in a healthier way than potatoes, but your taste buds will barely tell the difference!

3. Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet potatoes are great for any meal. They taste wonderful and they are high in a lot of vital nutrients. Plus, they make a great substitute for other potatoes. To make fries out of sweet potatoes, just cut them up in slices and throw them in the oven (add some olive oil if you prefer, as well as salt) for 10-15 minutes.

4. Kale Chips

Potato chips are the enemy of anyone trying to lose weight or stay healthy. They’re just so delicious. But you don’t have to fall into their trap! You can have a salty, fatty (the healthy kind), crunchy meal that is packed with healthy elements and low carb. Simply take leaves of kale and coat them in olive oil, then add any spices you desire. Place them in the oven at medium heat for no more than 10 minutes. Now you have a great snack for the whole family.

5. Zucchini Pasta

To make pasta without the blood sugar spikes, simply make it with zucchini. Julienne a whole zucchini and cook it with butter, spices, and salt. It will resemble pasta. Pour fresh pasta sauce on top, and you’ve got a great meal that doesn’t make you feel bloated.

Sticking to a healthy food plan can be a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be such a struggle for you. You can have the best of both worlds. You can eat food that tastes amazing while giving your body the nutrition it needs, all without adding extra pounds. Eat these five treats for any meal for a better body and better life.


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