5 Tips for Homebuyers with Pets

5 Tips for Homebuyers with PetsIf you’re looking for a new home to buy, you’ll have some wants and needs in mind. But if you have animals moving in with you, you’ll have all their needs to consider, too, and that’s when things get complicated. But with this five-point checklist, you can make sure your pets are covered before making your final decision.

  1. Space

Your pets will want space to move around freely, inside and out, or as relevant to their type, and however much you enjoy their company, you’ll want some animal-free space for yourself, your family and friends. Depending on what sort of pets you have, and how many, it may be worth looking for a bigger place than you need, for the sake of mutual comfort. If cost is a concern, look for a home requiring some decoration, or one in a less sought-after location. With an open-minded approach, you could hit lucky with a bargain buy, such as a mansion in its own grounds. If you have grazing animals, such as ponies, they’ll need ample pastureland and appropriate winter shelter for the local climate, while dogs will need some open ground nearby for exercise.

  1. Safety

Traffic can be a significant hazard for dogs, cats and any animals that escape from home ground, so think twice before choosing a place next to a busy road. Small, caged pets, such as rabbits, when let out for exercise will be vulnerable to larger animals, so take a look around your prospective new home before making your final decision. If you spot a family of cats or a fierce-looking dog next door that could pose a threat to your pets, make sure the property and grounds can be made secure before going ahead with the purchase. If you keep dangerous animals, such as alligators or venomous snakes, security must be your top priority, for the sake of the public and your fellow occupants. But maybe you just have a little dog who likes to follow you around the house, in which case check for steep, open or spiral stairs and other hazards for slippery paws.

  1. Access to vet and kennels

While hoping your pets will live long, healthy lives, it’s wise to live in easy access to a vet, for peace of mind at least. If you anticipate spending time away from home without your pets, you’ll need arrangements available for their care at these times, such as kennels nearby or a friend or relative who can look after them. If you’re moving to a remote area, make sure you’re able to access food, bedding, and other staples for your pets.

  1. Suitable furnishings and decor

Do your pets get muddy paws? If so, you might want to avoid properties done out in pale tints, especially if you don’t plan to do any redecorating for years to come. While you can always wash their paws, animals need to be able to run in and out freely sometimes, and you won’t want to spend all your time wiping their feet.

  1. Tolerant neighbors

Remember that not all people are animal lovers, particularly when it comes to neighbors’ pets. If you think your pets might not be welcome in the neighborhood for any reason, look for a house situated a comfortable distance from the next one.

When making your short list of possible properties, check each one against this list. After catering to your pets’ various needs, you can focus in on your own wants and dreams, and choose an ideal home for you all.

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