4 Powerful Social Media Marketing Sites you Should Be Using for your Business

4 Powerful Social Media Marketing Sites you Should Be Using for your BusinessBy now, every company knows how powerful social media marketing can be for spreading the word about their products and building their brand. However, many delve into this type of marketing with a scattershot method. They find all of the currently used sites and start placing content on all of them.

However, not all social media sites are right for all sought-after demographics. Spending an equal amount of time on all sites that are popular will dilute your marketing time and budget. Before deciding on the sites you’ll use, assess your demographics. Then find out which sites each of those demographics use. Here are 4 of the most powerful social media sites you could be using for your business:

1. Facebook

Facebook was once highly popular with college students and younger people, but it has largely fallen out of favor with them. Its demographics currently skew older than virtually any other social media site. If your customer base is older, this is a great site to engage the public and build links and word of mouth. They also have a large-scale ad system that can be used to directly target your demographics.

2. Twitter

Twitter has a younger average user than Facebook, and its users tend to engage often with their followers. For targeting millennials, this is an excellent site to build a brand and create a company persona. Twitter uses both pictures and text as well as GIFs to create a format that younger people are highly familiar with using. Like Facebook, they have an integrated network that can be used for precise targeting.

3. Instagram

Instagram users average even younger than Twitter users. For high school and college students and younger millennials, Instagram is a powerful way to connect. Because it is highly visual, it’s a useful place to post pictures of what you sell. Posting here is helpful, but using paid placements with Instagram influencers will give you an even wider customer reach.

4. Snapchat

Snapchat has a very young audience, with kids and teens being big fans of the app. Like Instagram, using influencers on this site can help you reach a young audience. It uses pictures as posts and as personal messages.

By analyzing your current customer base, as well as the demographics that you want to reach, you can create a more effective social media marketing campaign. With a more targeted approach, you can concentrate on the sites that matter to your audience and fully engage your followers there instead of trying to post everywhere at once with limited results.

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