Avoid These 3 Bathroom Design Trends Buyers Hate

Avoid These 3 Bathroom Design Trends Buyers HateIf you’re selling your home in Tampa Bay, your REALTOR® will talk to you about home staging and what you need to do before you list your home – when they do be sure to take a closer look at your bathroom. Does your bathroom have any of these characteristics that buyers hate?

Most real estate agents will encourage buyers to look past cosmetic issues and focus on the structure of the house while encouraging them to update the home to match their own style once they move in when they’re trying to help clients find their dream homes, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to make your home as attractive as possible. In fact, if your home has any of these 3 bathroom faux pas, you may want to make some changes or updates to help avoid any issues that may cause buyers to turn away or submit a lower offer:

  • Bright, white bathrooms
  • Empty spaces with no warmth
  • Old outdated Medicine cabinets

Here’s a closer look at each.

Bathroom Design Trend #1 That Buyers Hate: Bright, White Bathrooms

For a while, the simple white look in bathrooms were all the rage. But then something changed: People realized that they were harder to keep clean, and that every imperfection and speck of dirt stood out in an otherwise starkly white space. So how can you avoid this perception if your bathroom is white and bright? Start by adding some color. Think of your favorite spa or salon and create some dimension by adding the same types of neutral colors you would see there; like tans, blues and greens. Consider repainting your bathroom walls with a light soothing color. Place new hand towels out and add a potted plant and a soothing spa-like picture on the wall.

Bathroom Design Trend #2 That Buyers Hate: Sparse Spaces With No Warmth

Minimalist, purely functional bathrooms are out – the stark hospital like vibe after a year of being stuck at home leaves people craving comfortable warm spaces. If you have an industrial-style bathroom, talk to your real estate agent about some ideas that you can do to make it more inviting or hit up Pinterest for some ideas. Some easy & quick updates might include an updated shower curtains or even a new shower door, new light fixtures (use softer, warmer LED bulbs than you currently use), new sink faucets or updated hardware. People love bathrooms that are like mini-spas, so consider setting a basket of rolled up towels in the corner or putting a potted plant on the counter. You can even add some spa oils and lotions and a scented candle or two on the tub (but don’t light them, of course).

Bathroom Design Trend #3 That Buyers Hate: Obvious Medicine Cabinets

Open shelving is becoming more popular in bathrooms, so if you have an old ugly medicine cabinet consider removing it completely or possibly even just taking off the doors and painting it. You can spruce up a medicine cabinet with a little  hanging greenery and some nice staged decor inside to make it look like it is an attractive accessory vs an old outdated eyesore. Talk to your REALTOR® to get some ideas if you can’t seem to find a way to dress it up.

Should You Consider Remodeling the Bathroom Before You Sell Your Jasper IN Home?

Your Tampa Bay REALTOR® will talk to you about the pro’s & con’s of remodeling or if it is even necessary, but in most cases, it’s not. A few small updates can go a long way and sometimes it is just easier to let your buyers offer a lower price vs spending all of that money -but only if your bathroom is extremely dated or in poor shape. Look to your real estate agent to help guide you in what is the best thing to do in this situation.

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