Mold Is Common, You Don’t Need To Freak Out Right Away If You Spot It

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For most people, exposure to a little mold is not usually a serious health risk. For people with mold allergies or asthma, it can be disastrous of course. Yet, mold is literally everywhere. It’s in your yard, your garden, in drains, in potting mix. Basically wherever moisture is allowed to settle, mold spores may thrive and grow.

Many people are terrified of black mold and “toxic mold syndrome.” We think it’s important for people to realize that the CDC itself says of this syndrome, “These case reports are rare, and a causal link between the presence of the toxigenic mold and these conditions has not been proven. … All molds should be treated the same with respect to potential health risks and removal.”

Stachybotrys chartarum (black mold) actually requires almost constant moisture to survive. So, check any areas that might have a constant leak like behind toilets or under sinks. Repair this water leak right away to avoid a costly mold issue later.  It’s usually only common in cellulose-rich building materials in water damaged building.

Of course, if you spot a little mold, clean it up. If the surface is nonporous, use bleach and water. On concrete, ammonia-based products work best. Of course, never mix these two cleaning products! Use a mask, ventilate the area and wear gloves! Make sure you figure out where the moisture is coming from and address that as soon as possible.

If you spot a lot of mold in a Tampa Bay home for sale that you’re thinking of purchasing, it’s best to leave that to a professional.

[Photo by: Alexander Davronov]


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