Winter Home Maintenance Tips for Florida Homes

Published On: January 31, 2016|Categories: Blog, How-To|

Winter Home Maintenance Tips for Florida - Tampa Bay Homes for Sale

Whether you’re putting your home on the Tampa Bay real estate market or you’ve just purchased a new one, you’ll need to keep tabs on a maintenance schedule that keeps everything in top shape.

Although we aren’t subject to the harsh winters of the northern climes, we still have to do winter home maintenance – and this list will get you started.

Winter Home Maintenance Tips for Florida Homes

  1. Test your electricity by bringing a small lamp through each room and plugging it in; if you notice that one’s not working, it’s usually a good idea to call a professional as soon as possible to rule out more serious issues.
  2. Tighten handles, knobs and anything else that could come loose through ordinary wear-and-tear.
  3. Check caulk in bathtubs and sinks. The temperature fluctuations during winter can be tough on caulk, which means you could notice new cracks or peeling.
  4. Clean the sediment from your showerheads. While you can (and should) do this during any season, it’s particularly helpful during winter when you’ve changed the temperature on your hot water heater.
  5. Clean the aerators on your faucets. If you have poor water pressure anywhere in your home, it’s often the aerator’s fault – and it’s typically easy to fix.
  6. Repair and replace damaged window screens. Now is the perfect time; you definitely want to get it done before spring arrives.
  7. If you’re not already on a schedule, change the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Fire safety experts recommend changing them every six months, so you’ll be due for a swap during summer if you change them now.

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